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Meet Brandt

Who Am I?

I am Brandt J. Dick, and I am running for Superintendent of Public Instruction. I have been a life-long educator with 25 years of experience in education, in both private and public education. My career in education includes the classroom as a math teacher, track, cross-county and basketball coach, Principal, Athletic Director, Superintendent, and teaching dual credit math as a College Adjunct Professor. These credentials coupled with my experiences have uniquely prepared me for this position.

I am the first active Superintendent to run for this position since 1984.  It’s time a Superintendent who has been in the trenches of education actively lead the Department of Public Instruction with integrity.

Why am I seeking this position?

My goal is to lead the Department of Public Instruction in a way that promotes a positive work culture and climate. The current leadership at the Department of Public Instruction has experienced an almost complete change-over in staffing and under her leadership, the Department is constantly adjusting duties assigned to the Departments staff. This has made it difficult for school districts throughout North Dakota to build trusting relationships with the Department. Continual staff turnover has made it difficult to assist schools in their important duty of educating students across the state. North Dakota’s educators and students deserve more.

When elected to position of Superintendent of Public Instruction, I would place a high priority on serving on the boards this position is mandated to serve. For example, Ms. Baesler’s attendance rate on the NDHSAA’s Board the last two years has been about 25%, her attendance rate for the TFFR Board has been 50% and her absentee rate for the Land Board has been 29% of the time and she is known for calling in or attending late. Her very poor attendance of these meetings fails the education system of ND and the people she represents. There is a reason that the State Superintendent serves on these and other boards, and failure to attend is inexcusable. ND deserves better. 

I have been active in the Legislative process as an advocate for small schools. I am a leader who listens and knows that wise decisions are reached when many perspectives and ideas are heard.

Experienced to Lead:

My greatest strength is in finance which has allowed me to grasp the K-12 school funding formula. My second greatest strength is in leadership and management. As an educator, coach and superintendent, I have earned the trust of teachers, parents, and School Superintendents across the state. These skills will be needed in the next legislative session when North Dakota will see revenue shortfalls due to the great decrease in oil prices, and the Covid-19 shutdown resulting in great loss of jobs. I am a seasoned leader who leads with integrity and character and I firmly believe North Dakotan’s deserve a leader who leads by example. With my experience serving on many boards, and each board I serve on I view as an opportunity to provide leadership and insight for wise decision making.

Current Board Positions.

  • President of the Board of ND Small Organized Schools. Graduating from a class of five students, and working at small rural schools, I understand the great value rural schools provide their students, and the challenge they have in recruiting and retaining quality educators. Integrity and character are key for a leader.
  • One of two Superintendents representing North Dakota on the National Superintendent’s (AASA) Governing Board. I have had experience serving on our local Regional Education Services Board and served as LEAD Administrator.
  • Member of the newly formed K-12 Coordinating Council, representing Small Organized Schools. I have been active in the Legislative process as an advocate for small schools. I am a leader who listens and knows that wise decisions are reached when many perspectives and ideas are heard.
  • Chairman of the Finance Focus Group sub-committee for NDASA’s Focus Group. I was one of four Superintendents to serve on the Interim Education Finance Legislative committee this past year. I am also serving on a working group with Western Dakota Energy Association.

             I would be honored and humbled if elected to serve and lead North Dakota’s education system and the Department of Public Instruction. I am asking for your vote.

Friends of Brandt for State Supt.
Cal Haugland, Treasurer
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