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Endorsement letter from Dr. Jim Haussler, retired Activities Director, Bismarck Public Schools. 


— ND Farm Bureau

Brandt Dick will deliver integrity and servant leadership to DPI. 

— Chairman, House Education Committee, Representative Mark Owens

— ND Young Republicans

ND Right to Life's Endorsement

— ND Right to Life

Brandt Dick is a Leader — Jim Haussler

It is my pleasure to provide this endorsement for Brandt Dick as he seeks election for the Superintendent of the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction. I have known Brandt for over twenty years as a school administrator and activities director. He is highly respected by his colleagues across the state because of his involvement and leadership duties in numerous professional organizations.

Brandt has continued to foster the growth of a higher order of professionalism for educators, athletic administrators and school administrators at the local and state level. Evidence to his accomplishments are present through his commitment to apply current educational standards and practices in his vision of education.

He is eager to provide valuable assistance to his colleagues, with relevant information or the most current data regarding a wide scope of topics. His refined communication skills equip him to effectively listen, seek understanding, and provide expert dialog to his colleagues and associates.

Brandt demonstrates a positive attitude and a mature approach to his professional work. His extensive experience in working with student activities as well as his teaching and administrative duties provides him with a diverse knowledge of a school’s culture. His work ethic and dedication towards education separates him from the average administrator. He promotes high standards and expectations for both the staff and students. Through these efforts the students are given every opportunity to be successful both in life and their involvement with school. It is for these reasons he would be a leader for the Department of Public Instruction.

Ed Lockwood, retired Executive Director of the North Dakota Athletic Administrators Association

— Ed Lockwood

Brandt Dick has been at the forefront of the success of our 50 school distance learning consortium in Western North Dakota. Not only has he been a key officer on our board, but he also teaches dual credit courses to our students. This leadership has provided outstanding insight into what works and what needs improvement in the remote learning arena. Bill Strasser, Director Great Western Network — Bill Strasser

I am pleased to write this letter of support for Mr. Brandt Dick, as he campaigns for the office of ND Superintendent of Public Instruction. I have known Brandt for 7 years, we became acquainted through a mutual friend initially. Since that time, I have gotten to know him professionally through the legislative process while I served in the ND House of Representatives. It was always a pleasure to see Brandt at the legislature. He became my "go to guy" relating to any and all issues that pertained to PK-12 education. I have no doubt that he would be a terrific Superintendent of Public Instruction. His active involvement in the legislative process would be extremely helpful in this position. He also has a deep understanding and grasp of the funding formula and is very well respected in the PK-12 educational realm in this state. If I were in a position to “hire” Brandt, I would not hesitate. He will be a tremendous addition to our state elected officials as he would bring a wealth of knowledge and respect to the table. I therefore would like to express my support for Brandt Dick for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Sincerely, Former Rep. Jay Seibel - Beulah — Jay Seibel

I have known Brandt for well over 15 years and I know he has a passion for education and children and wants the best for all of them in the education process. I support Brandt for the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction and I know that he has the leadership, experience,character, and integrity that we all want in this crucial position of working with everyone involved In our school systems and he will do a great job as the Superintendent of Public Instruction. — Keith Kost

If you were to look up the definition of integrity in the dictionary you would probably see a picture of Brandt Dick. I feel the decisions he would make as Superintendent of Public Institution would be in the best interest of the students and he would have researched the facts to make sure that input would have been gathered from different sources. I endorse Brandt without reservation. — Gary Barker

Dear friends, This man is courageous. He has grit. He has a guiding principle in his life that has developed his servant attitude. He will admit that he is not perfect. I know he will bring leadership to this position that can shape our education system in a positive way. Let’s stand with him in this bold venture. — Curtis Dikoff

Friends of Brandt for State Supt.
Cal Haugland, Treasurer
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